Frontline Skirmishes, Part 5: ResizeObserver

Today I’d like to describe the solution to a problem I encountered a few months ago: the occasional faulty appearance of Angular in the browser. At the top, the platform displays a tab bar with buttons, the number and width of which vary depending on the context. The data used to generate this menu are downloaded asynchronously while the page is loading. If the total width of the bar is greater than the width of the window, the bar will break into two tab bars, one below the other. Underneath, however, is the content of the current tab, which, in turn, requires information about […]

Frontline Skirmishes, Part 3: Debugging Angular

Debugging is an integral part of application development and maintenance. We can’t avoid bugs completely, but we can nip most of them in the bud by skilfully using the available tools. I’m going to tell you about the ones I use myself. In my opinion, they should be useful to any developer who creates Angular applications and more.

Python can be fun

Some time ago I had to browse a list of many folders on my computer and delete their subfolders with specific names, along with their content. Shortly afterwards I had to do this again, and it was possible I would have to repeat this time-consuming operation many more times. This made me think about automating this process. I didn’t know any ready-made tools for this kind of recursive browsing and deleting folders. I could use PowerShell to do this: I have some experience with this tool, but I don’t like it very much. I could also use C#, a language […]

A brief history of cloud services

A few words on the quiet popularity of cloud services When I ask non-IT users whether they use cloud services, I often hear answers like this: “Cloud? Nah, I don’t use them” or “Oh, that cloud in the bottom right?”. The managers of large companies are afraid of data leaks and insist that their company doesn’t use this at all or just in a controlled way. Meanwhile, cloud services are ubiquitous. This means that we often use services without being aware they work in the cloud. That’s the case with office suites such as Office 365, file sharing applications such […]

5G — what you should know

For a long time, we have been hearing in the media about 5G: various arguments for and against the technology are raised. There is plenty of speculation available, and a lot of interesting information, including some less pleasant aspects. Interestingly, there are as many supporters as opponents. Where does it come from? Why is there such a big deal about the topic that it quickly gained the status of extremely controversial? Are we afraid of new and interesting technology? Or maybe we’re just afraid of what we don’t know?  Is the fear justified? I will try not to bore you and will only give […]

Game streaming — something for working people

Are you — or have you been — a hardcore gamer like me with a huge Steam/Uplay/Origin/Epic/GOG game library, but you have daily chores or kids to attend to, or just not enough time, making it virtually impossible to play your favourite titles and relax? After a hard day’s work, you don’t feel like starting up your computer again, especially since you can sit down with your wife on a comfortable sofa in the living room… We’ve all been there! This problem just goes away with the proper game streaming technology. Games available on mobile, focused mostly on microtransactions, are just a substitute for PC […]