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Frontline Skirmishes, Part 5: ResizeObserver

Today I’d like to describe the solution to a problem I encountered a few months ago: the occasional faulty appearance of Angular in the browser. At the top, the platform displays a tab bar with buttons, the number and width of which vary depending on the context. The data used to generate this menu are downloaded asynchronously while the page is loading. If the total width of the bar is greater than the width of the window, the bar will break into two tab bars, one below the other. Underneath, however, is the content of the current tab, which, in turn, requires information about […]

Frontline Skirmishes, Part 3: Debugging Angular

Debugging is an integral part of application development and maintenance. We can’t avoid bugs completely, but we can nip most of them in the bud by skilfully using the available tools. I’m going to tell you about the ones I use myself. In my opinion, they should be useful to any developer who creates Angular applications and more.