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IT Security Architect at Atena. He started out in IT by crimping cables and repairing mice while still at university. Since 2010 he’s been working on security: first for endpoint devices, and later for cloud services. After work he relaxes with his family or pursues his hobbies when everyone goes to sleep...

A brief history of cloud services

A few words on the quiet popularity of cloud services When I ask non-IT users whether they use cloud services, I often hear answers like this: “Cloud? Nah, I don’t use them” or “Oh, that cloud in the bottom right?”. The managers of large companies are afraid of data leaks and insist that their company doesn’t use this at all or just in a controlled way. Meanwhile, cloud services are ubiquitous. This means that we often use services without being aware they work in the cloud. That’s the case with office suites such as Office 365, file sharing applications such […]